Sunless Tanning Lotion - Voile Doré 100ml

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Ideal For: All skin types

Enjoy a natural and golden tan without compromising your skin’s health. Voile Doré contains skin nourishing Carrot oil, protective Vit E and plant based tan accelerators Erythrulose and DHA for a natural looking tan.


  • Sesame and Sunflower oils : nourish and soften
  • DHA : physiological compound naturally present in cells, obtained through bio-fermentation from rapeseed. This sugar reacts with amino-acids of outer skin layer to form brown compounds
  • Erythrulose : obtained through bio-fermentation. Works like DHA in outer layers of epidermis. Gives the skin an even tan in golden tones and prolongs tan without drying the skin
  • Plant Vitamin E : anti-radical, helps fight skin aging
  • Palmarosa and Lavender essential oils : softening


Exfoliate your skin before using Voile Dore. Apply evenly and wash your hands after each application. Tips: go over your eyebrows with the tip of a cotton bud. Remove excess products from heels and knees with a cotton pad. For a darker tan, repeat every day until the desired colour is achieved. Maintain your tan with regular applications, every 2-3 days.